Southeast Arizona

I’d been wanting to go back ever since I went in 2003, with a local birding tour. Since an opportunity came up with two bay area leaders, I jumped at the chance. Here is our itinerary:


My roommate and I arrived a day before the official start. We stayed at Quality Inn in Green Valley, about a half hour ride from the airport. There is a Walgreen’s across the street, and the median strip has interesting desert plants. Cactus Wrens, White-winged Doves, Gila Woodpeckers, and Great-tailed Grackles were among the motel parking lot birds.


Mission San Xavier del Bac. We couldn’t go inside because of a service. One of the courtyards had a nesting Curve-billed Thrasher.

Sweetwater Wetlands Park. We had a picnic lunch near Brown Mountain in Tucson Mountain Park.

Kinny Road

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I have been there before, but didn’t get to see everything. The same held true this time, partially because I was getting too hot to go where I wanted to go, which was a longer walk.

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Rio Rico
Kino Springs
Patagonia Roadside Rest Area
Patagonia Sonoita Creek Preserve
Paton’s Birders’ Haven
Patagonia Roadside Rest Area
Patagonia Lake

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Florida Wash–interesting caterpillars
Proctor Road
Madera Canyon picnic area
Madera Canyon
Carrie Nation Trail–missed the Elegant Trogon, but there was an interesting green beetle ball
Santa Rita Lodge
Kubo Madera–a life bird, Scott’s Oriole
Continental School

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Green Valley
Sonoita rest stop
La Cienega Grasslands
Environmental Operations Park, Sierra Vista
San Pedro National Conservation Area
Cave Creek Ranch
American Museum of Natural History Southwest Research Station

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Cave Creek Ranch
Stewart Forest Camp
South Fork Cave Creek
Southwest Research Station road
Sunny Flat Picnic Ground
Herb Martyr Campground–lunch
John Hands Picnic Ground
Dave Jaspar’s feeders, Foothills Road
Paradise Road
Southwest Research Station–owling

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Fire Road to Herb Martyr Forest Camp
Herb Martyr Campground
Barfoot Park meadow
Rustler Park
Pinery Canyon Campground
Paradise Road 42
George Walker

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Cave Creek Ranch
Stateline Road
Wildlife Pond
Fort Huachuca, Garden Canyon, Sawmill Canyon
Ash Canyon B and B

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Carr Canyon, Sawmill SpringsĀ  Trail
Sawmill Spring
Carr Picnic Area
Miller Canyon

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St. David, Holy Trinity Monastery
Cienega Creek Natural Preserve

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Here are photos, broken down by subject.

08/06-15 Southeast Arizona General

08/06-15 Southeast Arizona Plants

08/06-15 Southeast Arizona Vertebrates

08/06-15 Southeast Arizona Invertebrates


The trip list is here.


When I get a chance, I’ll add some sounds.



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