My experiences with nature, and places I’ve been…

I’ve been a volunteer interpretive naturalist for 17 years. My natural history interests vary (hiking at night, insects, arachnids, slime molds, birds, herps, other inverts, plants, ). I’m an amateur entomol-arachnol-ogist and photographer (and have taken a few classes and workshops in addition to recently completing a microscopy program). I also record nature sounds.

I am using a Sony a77, previously an a700 (usually with a Sony 50mm macro lens or Tamron 90mm macro). My previous photos were taken with a Minolta Maxxum 7D.

moonlittrails has existed since 2006. Any other blogs or sites using variations of this name are not related.

Some readers may see advertisements placed by WordPress. I do not endorse (and can’t select/exclude) these advertisements.

All content on this site and moonlittrails.com, including the name of this site, belongs to me unless otherwise noted, and is copyrighted. If you wish to use any content online or in print you must obtain permission.

You can email me here: feedback AT moonlittrails.com.


Copyright © Debbi Brusco, 2006-2016

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