Monte Bello OSP, Adobe Creek Trail

Coyote in motion

Coyote trotting, 5-second sequence

On sunny clear Friday 2/1/13, JO and I took a last-minute hike on Adobe Creek Trail, which I hadn’t been to on foot (I think we drove part of this on the one deer survey that I’ve done). To enter, we parked at a pullout. The gate is across the road, and we walked up the paved portion starting at 2:00. 2-3 fast running spiders, looking like Agelenids or Lycosids, crossed the road.

We turned right up the hill, then at the first left intersection, we came across a coyote. It stood looking the way it apparently wanted to go, in the same direction that we would be going after we watched it and took photos. It crossed the grass and trotted across our view, not paying much attention to us.

Over the entire 2.5 miles, there was open grassland and some woods. We reached the low point crossing Adobe Creek at 3:10, ~1.7 miles in. There were a few mushrooms along the bank in the woods.

Water drops

Water drops

The most interesting thing in the woods were some very tiny white dots on a piece of wood, which a hand lens revealed as fungi or possibly empty egg cases (see the holes in the tops), but they don’t seem  uniform or placed neatly as insect eggs often are. Some were taller than others.

Tiny fungi?

Tiny fungi?

Once we came out into the open again, some lichen-covered rocks appeared. “Rock tripe” was spaced out on one, unlike this, so packed together than it’s hard for me to tell.

Crustose lichen on rock, crowded Umbilicaria (rock tripe)?

Crustose lichen on rock, crowded Umbilicaria (rock tripe)?

Lichen tree

Lichen tree

We arrived back close to 4:00. Shaggy lichen-covered trees stood near the gate.

See the route we took here.


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