Butano SP Fire Road

Butano Fire Road ridgetop (click for a larger image)

On  2/21/12, we tried out a new trail for DWB’s class. The Butano SP map doesn’t show the mileage since it’s a fire road, but my GPS said 7 miles (Google also measures out to about the same). It didn’t seem like it at the time, as the climb was gradual. But I could feel it afterwards.

The coast was partially foggy, but here the sun was warm. In the shade of the woods, it was sometimes cool enough to want a jacket.

I took a slight detour off the main trail and saw a cottontail run as it was flushed by the group ahead.

There was a lot of Ramalina hanging, and thick Usnea. Some plants blooming that I didn’t photograph but noted were Woodland Pea, Milkmaids, Spring Vetch, and Pink-flowering Currant.

We passed more than ten banana slugs; one was munching on one of the various mushrooms. I got a glimpse of one long-furry-tailed rodent running across the trail.

Bird-wise, we passed Red-tailed and Red-shouldered Hawks along the coast. I heard Bewick’s Wren, a Selasphorus hummingbird’s wing buzz, Hutton’s Vireo, Golden-crowned Kinglets and Pacific Wren chatter.

Some photos are here.

GPS track in Google Earth


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