Tanoaks at Long Ridge

KG, PB, ST and I checked out the tanoaks again 0n 7/10,  specifically looking for female flowers.

To me it seemed like the aroma of the flowers wasn’t as obvious like it was last time I was there, but they still smelled if you stuck your nose up to one.

This time, there were two small structures on the bases of a few catkins. Some of the structures had three green somewhat hard things sticking out of the top. Apparently, these are protruding styles. At this stage, the flowers were smaller than the artichoke-shaped ones we’ve seen. Looking closely at the artichoke-shaped ones,you can see some long, slender structures. Perhaps these are the sepals, of which there are supposed to be six.

We saw some oval structures that turned out to be the buds of new leaves. We looked at some of the dried up, brown buds and female flowers to see the difference. One of these had three minute larva inside the base.

On the catkins again were the small black beetles. Under one leaf, a small spider had taken up residence, and had many small black insects stuck in its web.

The photos are here.